COVID-19  ~  Playgrounds

Benenden Playground is now re-open.  Thank you for bearing with Benenden Village Trust whilst it carried out COVID-19 playground risk assessment as required by government.

The Trust has put in place measures and guidance to enable the effective management of the playground to minimise COVID-19 transmission risk.

The Trust is disappointed to have recently found beer bottles and a lighter in the play area itself, as well as nappies, wipes, coffee cups, pizza boxes, gloves and a picnic blanket amongst other things on the Recreation Ground.

 We request that everyone acts responsibly and safely, and takes their rubbish home with them, particular during these times, so as to keep all risks of spreading infection to a minimum, as well as showing respect for such a lovely space.

The controls which are now in place can be found here. Users should read all points carefully before using the playground.

Iden Green Playground will remain closed at present, as further risk assessment is required.


COVID-19 ~ Trustee Meetings

Following Covid-19 guidance Trustees are not currently meeting. Business and decision making has been conducted through email communication.  Trustees are reporting on various items and these reports are being used to form sets of minutes. Subject to any prevailing guidance and restrictions, Trustees plan to meet in August. Subject to any prevailing guidance and restrictions, the AGM will be held in September.  If Covid restrictions are still in force, AGM paperwork will be emailed to all members in August, including electronic nomination and election of Trustees.


Hall Closure

Benenden Village Trust and Benenden Village Hall are sorry to announce that Benenden Village Hall, including the Parish Office, is now closed until further notice.

The ongoing situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible to continue operating as normal. The Hall exists to serve the community, and while we had hoped to remain open for as long as possible, we can no longer facilitate gatherings in the Hall.

The core staff will be using this time to work on ways of improving the Hall, so that we are ready to reopen for you, better than ever, and we welcome any suggestions. The usual email address and phone number will still be operational, so feel free to reach out with any queries. We wish you well and look forward to welcoming you back fit and healthy in due course.


At the Benenden Village Trust we are delighted by the positive response to the new play area on the Benenden recreation field.  Both residents and visitors to the village have said how much they appreciate the facilities.  It has been pointed out that additional seating is needed and more picnic benches would be appreciated.  Before considering buying new ones, we thought we would just ask if anyone has unwanted picnic tables or benches that they might donate?  They would need to be in reasonable condition but we could give them a cosmetic makeover if needed.

Attention must now turn to the Iden Green Play Area

we will do some more running  repairs, but the rot has set in and the end is in sight.  The Trust would very much like to see a new play area here too, but what sort of equipment will best meet the needs of users?  We need a few people with understanding of the local children, enthusiasm, ideas and a little time to generate a fresh design and work with us on any fundraising needed. The experience and ideas of the Play Benenden group will be at your disposal. Could you spare a little time?  If so please contact me or our Manager, Caroline Levett,

Elsewhere, the BVT is currently considering the facilities at the Bowls and the St George’s Club and plans to carry out a wider consultation when ideas for improvements have become firmer.

David Harmsworth (Chair)