The Benenden Village Trust owns and maintains a major group of assets given to the Parish a century ago

for the benefit and recreation of all.

The Trust is responsible for:

  • promoting facilities for recreation and leisure in Benenden and Iden Green
  • the bequests of Lord Rothermere in memory of his sons, Harold Vvyan Harmsworth and Vere Sidney Harmsworth - the recreation fields in Benenden and Iden Green, and St George's Hall.
  • the Trust is managed by Trustees elected by Members
  • Membership is open to all aged over 18 living in the Parish and to representatives of organisations and buisneses within the Parish.

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Playground on Benenden Recreation Field


In March last year the Friends of Iden Green Playground, a group of village volunteers working in conjunction with Benenden Village Trust, took on the task of planning a new playground at Iden Green as the existing equipment had reached the end of its life. The equipment was dilapidated and potentially dangerous and had to be removed.

The Friends of Iden Green Playground has put many hours of thought into drawing up plans and held detailed discussions with potential suppliers. The new playground design will include multi-functional wooden climbing frames, slides, swings and safe surfacing.

The fundraising campaign is well underway, and a number of generous donations and pledges have been received, including from Benenden’s Community Shop, the Henhurst Charitable Trust, Benenden Parish Council, Cllr Seán Holden and the Benenden Village Trust, and a number of personal offers of support have been received.

To turn the project into a reality the Friends and BVT are looking for other sources of assistance, and hopes that local businesses and individuals will chip in.

If you would like to donate to this very worthwhile project and a vital part of village life giving pleasure to many, please follow this link Iden Green Playground Donate or contact Caroline Levett, BVT Manager, at

Thank you



Members approved the Trustee Report and Financial Statements to year-end 31st March 2020 and the appointment of three new Trustees - Olivia Collier, Athena Cripps and Martin Dickson.

From October 2020 the Trustee Board consists of Kent Barker, Tom Dawlings, Sally Ann Marks, Jonathan Strong, Richard Stubbings and the three newcomers.

At the first meeting of the new Board, Jonathan Strong was elected as Chairman and Kent Barker as Vice Chairman.

The work of the Trust has been split into Working Groups and Trustees appointed to each group.

  • Policies and Processes : Athena Cripps, Sally Ann Marks, Richard Stubbings
  • Membership, Public Relations and Website : Kent Barker, Olivia Collier, Martin Dickson, Jonathan Strong
  • Health, Safety and Security; Playgrounds; Risk Management : Athena Cripps, Tom Dawlings, Martin Dickson
  • Property Management, Maintenance and Development; Environment :Kent Barker, Olivia Collier, Richard Stubbings
  • HR : Athena Cripps, Tom Dawlings, Sally Ann Marks
  • Finance, Governance and Compliance : Martin Dickson, Sally Ann Marks, Jonathan Strong
  • Parish and Borough Council Liaison : Kent Barker, Tom Dawlings

If you feel that you have a particular skill or interest that you can bring to the Trust then please contact any Trustee or the Trust Manager.  Trustees have the ability to co-opt additional Trustees during the course of the year.



In line with Government advice Benenden Playground will remain open during the current period of lockdown.

Benenden Village Trust carried out a COVID-19 playground risk assessment and would like to remind users of the measures and guidance put in place to enable the effective management of the playground to minimise COVID-19 transmission risk.

Users may only use the playground if Government rules and BVT guidance are observed.

  • Do not use the playground if any family member has any signs or symptoms of Coronavirus.
  • At all times social distancing should be observed.
  • Adults are restricted to meeting no more than one person outside of their family or support bubble.
  • Only children from the same household/support bubble, plus one other person, should play on the same piece of equipment at the same time.
  • Do not overcrowd equipment.

If others are waiting to use equipment please ensure your child allows the next group to use it as soon as possible. The maximum length of stay if others are waiting to use the playground is ½ hour.

Those waiting to use the playground should wait on the Recreation Ground, observing social distancing and other current government guidance.  If the playground is busy, users should consider coming back at a later time. Carers should prepare children for this possibility before visiting.

  • Users/carers are encouraged to
  • bring cleaning wipes, or similar, to clean equipment, particularly where there are clear touch points
  • bring hand sanitiser gel or wipes to clean hands
  • cough or sneeze into a tissue or arm when a tissue is not available
  • not to touch faces, put mouths on equipment or hands in mouths

The consumption of food or drink on play equipment or in the playground area is banned.

All litter must be taken home and disposed of.

Younger children should be carefully supervised.

Current government guidance states that face coverings should not be used by children under the age of 3 or those who may find it difficult to manage them correctly. Parents should be aware that wearing a face covering in a playground setting could pose an additional safety risk and should use their judgement on whether their children wear a face covering.

Benenden Village Trust will continue to carry out a weekly check of playground equipment.

Benenden Village Trust encourages all users to be patient and mindful of the needs of others.

Please follow and adhere to all and any current government advice in addition to the above.

Non-adherence to these rules and government guidance may result in the playground being closed.