Our constitution sets a minimum of 3 trustees and a maximum of 12. The Trust started in 2018 with 6 and added one more in the course of the first year. At the first AGM (3 June 2019) all resigned, then members elected the new board. These seven were elected  for three years, but with the proviso that one third of trustees must retire each year (they may stand for re-election if willing).

Trustees for 2019-2020 are:

  • Kent Barker,
  • Tom Dawlings,
  • David Harmsworth,
  • Barrie Jones,
  • Sally Ann Marks,
  • Jonathan Strong,
  • Richard Stubbings.

Trustees are supported by the BVT Manager. 

A full report on the year’s work and on finances was prepared for the AGM and distributed to members.

Trustee Recruitment Policy

Further trustees may be appointed by the Board during the year. Anyone wishing to stand as a Trustee is asked to complete the Individual Trustee Skills Audit and return this to the BVT Manager,