Recreational Facilities Questionnaire

Currently the BVT owns and manages the village hall, the recreation sports fields at Benenden and Iden Green - including the two play areas - and a small piece of ground, formerly an allotment , in Woodcock Lane.

It also owns the St George’s building, and the land on which the Bowls Club, the Iden Green Pavilion and the Iden Green Tennis Club are situated. Among the charitable objectives of the BVT is the provision of facilities for ‘recreation and leisure time occupation’. The key word here is ‘facilities’.

The trust can consider building or providing structures, but is highly unlikely to be able to run clubs or organisations that might use them. We would like to hear from you on the provision we already make and new ideas you might have. For instance, might an all weather multi-purpose hard court as well as - or instead of - the football pitch be something to consider? Who would be interested in organising, say, 5-a-side football, or netball, or basketball on it?

And what about indoor facilities? If the BVT considered providing a structure for a new sports and social club - or improving the facilities for the existing St George’s Club, what should they be and who might use them? Currently the Bowls, Tennis and St George’s clubs are run as membership organisations. Is it good for the village to have a mix of private and ‘open to all’ facilities?

We are particularly keen to ensure that young people are well catered for - so what would they like - or be likely to use? On the opposite page - and online - is a questionnaire and an opportunity for you to give us you views on what you would like to see. But please bear in mind that we may be constrained by what the Charity Commission will allow us to do, and will have to consider if we organise new facilities, that they will really be used.



How much do you think new outdoor facilities, such as an all weather multi-purpose hard court would be used, by whom and for what?
The football pitch on the Benenden recreation ground is only used by teams from outside the village. Do you think this is the best use of the area?